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1st Luck → Will it be the first step in the revival of the famous volleyball… Hope sprouted in the ‘last-place team’

It’s been 5 years since I got away from spring volleyball. The name ‘famous house’ is about to become colorless. Can director Kim Sang-woo’s ‘favorite disciple’ Eddy (24) be the first step towards a reversal?

Only winning the championship match 8 times. But the last championship was already 8 years ago. Hyundai Capital, which plays the V-Classic match together, is still showing off its presence as a prestigious team under the direction of coach Choi Tae-woong. On the other hand, Samsung Fire & Marine Co. struggled. The team, which used to be ‘the championship game’, is in a position to regard spring volleyball as a party for others.

Even last season, the first year of coach Kim Sang-woo’s appointment, they suffered the humiliation of being the second lowest since the launch of the V-League and finishing last among men and women with an average home attendance of 1033.

Manager Kim Sang-woo, who participated in the Asia Quarter tryout held in Jeju last week, felt desperate. He expressed his intention, “There are better players than I thought. It will depend on the marble ranking, but I want to pick any position.”

There was one that I liked. This is Eddie (24), who challenged Korean volleyball with a dream of Cheongwoon.

Eddy was coach Kim’s favorite student when he was at Sungkyunkwan University’s headquarters. It is coach Kim who has been with Eddie from the beginning to settle down in Korea and adapt to college volleyball. He knows his possibilities and potential better than anyone else. The problem was that there were many teams targeting him.

The No. 1 ball came out to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. The volleyball officials who met at the site were in an atmosphere congratulating Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, saying, “It is the result everyone hoped for.” Director Kim also smiled brightly.

Eddie’s position is an apposite and an outside hitter. Eddie registered the position as a middle blocker right before the tryout. It was to show that he can play more diverse positions, but the command towers’ common assessment is that both wings rather than the center are his place. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

With a height of 1m98, he has good elasticity and power. It was a perfect fit for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, who was thirsty for offensive power. During his six years in Korea, he was able to freely conduct interviews without an interpreter, and his Korean was proficient enough to understand immediately under the direction of the director. In the future, the role of Eddie is expected to be given depending on the foreign player’s position.

Director Kim said, “I weighed about 80kg when I first enrolled. I was really small. I was not good at basic skills. He was a player who only liked attacks.” I will help you do well,” he said.

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