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6.1% of MLB blacks … Lowest since 1955

On the 15th (local time) in the American professional baseball major league, all players wore the uniform number 42. To commemorate April 15, 1947, the day Jackie Robinson broke his racial barrier and made his first major league debut.

However, the number of black players (referring to American-born, or African-Americans) who played on this day is expected to record an all-time low. According to USA Today, as of the opening day of the 2023 Major League Baseball, only 58 of the 945 players on the roster, including those on the active, injured, and restricted lists, are black. The 6.1% black percentage of all big leaguers is the lowest since 1955.

According to the Association for American Baseball Research (SABR), the lowest percentage of African-American players in the MLB was in 1955, a year before Robinson retired from the Brooklyn Dodgers, when the league had a white percentage of 89.8%.

According to the USA, 5 out of 30 major league teams currently have no black players, and 9 teams have only one black player.

Chicago, the third-largest city in the United States with 29 percent black residents, has only two American-born black players on its two teams: Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman and White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson. 토스카지노

Major League Baseball has players of various nationalities. Looking at the entries for the opening match, there are 269 foreign-born players, accounting for 28% of the total entries. There are almost twice as many players from the Dominican Republic (104) than black players (58).

The major leagues are implementing various policies to increase the proportion of African-American players, and the results are expected to be visible soon.

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