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A club with half of my football life, Newcastle who took care of the arts family until the end

Christian Arts, a striker from the Ghanaian national football team who went missing in the earthquake in Turkey, met a sad end.

Foreign media such as Reuters reported on the 18th (Korean time) that “Arts was found dead.” When the news of Art’s death spread, many people expressed their condolences.

In particular, Newcastle, the last club in Europe for Arts, took care of Arts until the end. Arts played in the Newcastle uniform from 2016 to 2021. This is where he played a total of 121 matches. His professional career has been 249 games. He spent half of his football life together at Newcastle.

A day after the news of Art’s death broke, Newcastle played Liverpool in the English Premier League at St James’ Park. Newcastle invited Art’s wife and children to the event. He wanted to be with his family as he left the deceased in the midst of everyone’s condolences.

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported, “Arts’ wife, Clear Rufio, and their three children were seen at St. James Park where the Liverpool match was held. 메이저사이트 Art’s family was present here while paying their respects to the late player.”

The media continued, “There was silence at the stadium for a minute, and many people applauded and called Arts’ name before the match. One fan even held up a uniform with Arts’ name on it. Seeing this scene, Rufio’s eyes were wide open. It’s red,” he added.

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe said: “We offer our hearts to the Atts and their families in the face of tragedy and we are praying for them. We want to support them.”

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