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‘A matchup of the past’ Aju vs Yonsei Tongyeong clashed in the round of 16

An unprecedented match-up was completed. Ajou University and Yonsei University face off in the round of 16. Ajou University won the championship at the Chugye University Football Federation last year. Yonsei University has also consistently maintained high rankings over the past few years. In the group stage of this tournament, they went straight to the round of 16 with a win of three matches.

On the 17th, the round of 22 of the 59th Spring University Football Federation, Hansan Daecheopgi and Tongyeonggi, were held in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do. It was a ‘single tree bridge’ fight over the ticket to the round of 16. 스포츠토토 As a result, Andong Science, Jeju International, Sangji, Cyber ​​et al, Hanil Jangsin, and Korea University laughed at the Battle of Hansan. Dongguk, Jungwon, Seonmun, Kyunghee, Ajou, and Gwangjudae survived in Tongyeong.

Hanyang-Chosun, Ulsan-Jeju International, Andong Science-Calvin, Cybero-Odong-eui, Sungkyunkwan-Sangji, JoongAng-Goryeo, Korea-Japan Jangsin-Dankook, Yongin-Hongik University clash in the round of 16 of the Battle of Hansan, which will be held on the 19th. Soongsil-Kwangwoon, Daegu Arts-Gwangju, Dongguk-Halla, Gyeonggi-Jeonju, Catholic Kwandong-Jungwon, Seonmun-Hannam, Donga-Kyunghee, and Ajou-Yonsei will face off in the Tongyeonggi Round of 16, which will be held on the same day.

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