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“All of these combinations are really strong.” Dodgers all-weather beast, starting second base?

Los Angeles Dodgers second-year infielder Miguel Vargas takes on the role of second baseman. looked at the 2023 Dodgers infield on the 3rd (Korean time). Justin Turner, who played as a starting third baseman, went to the Boston Red Sox in December of last year. It is a situation where the infield composition is being reorganized.

Vargas looked set to play third base. said, “During the offseason, Vargas seems to have established himself as the Dodgers’ third baseman.”

Vargas is a rookie who debuted in the big leagues last year. He has experience playing eight games (three starts) as a first baseman, one substitute game as a third baseman, seven games (four starts) as a left fielder, and all four starts as a designated hitter.

With Turner gone, it looked like Vargas would take over at third base. However, reported, “Dodgers president Andrew Friedman and general manager Brandon Gomes said, ‘Vargas is expected to take over the second baseman role for the Dodgers this season.’”

First of all, regarding Vargas, general manager Gomes noted, “He is a great athlete and is working hard.” said, “Vargas is one of the players who spent the most time at Dodger Stadium during the offseason. He is expected to be on the Opening Day roster and he will occupy second base.” 토토사이트

“Vargas has to prove it even at night. He thinks third base is his best position, and it’s where he enjoys the most outside of the at-bat. If you put Vargas on second base, you use Max Muncy on third base,” he added.

“Muncy is a great athlete,” Gomes said. He always got good grades,” he said. “Vargas is the second and third fastest on the team. He is a good athlete too. He gave him second base and I think he’s really strong in every combination.”

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