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‘Arsenal envious of Kane’… Promoting recruitment of ‘Kane look-alike FW’, fans go crazy

Arsenal and Tottenham, the best rivals of the English Premier League (EPL). They hate each other.

However, there is one thing that Arsenal fans envy Tottenham. Harry Kane is Tottenham’s signature striker. Kane recently broke Tottenham’s all-time record for most goals and became a true Tottenham legend.

On the other hand, Arsenal do not have a signature striker. Currently, Arsenal is running at No. 1 in the EPL, but the absence of a killer striker remains the biggest regret. The presence of Kane, the best striker in the EPL, is inevitably enviable.

So Arsenal set out to find a striker who looked like Kane. He is a 20-year-old divine striker who could become a future Arsenal legend. That is Rasmus Höilun (Atalanta).

He joined Atalanta in 2022 as a 192cm tall striker. He scored 6 goals in 19 league appearances this season, and scored 7 goals in 21 appearances in all competitions combined. After passing through the Danish national team by age group, he is an expected player who joined the A national team in 2022.

Italy’s ‘La Repubblica’ reported that “Arsenal are planning to sign Höilun.” 카지노사이트

Then, England’s ‘The Sun’ said, “Arsenal fans are enthusiastic about the move to recruit Hoilun, a 20-year-old striker who resembles Kane. Tottenham fans compare Hoeyrun to Kane. Looking at his movement and attack power, he said, “It feels like Kane.” told

However, there are many clubs that have recognized Hoeilun’s talent, so the competition to sign him is expected to be fierce. The media explained, “Real Madrid is also promoting the signing of Hojlun. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is a big fan of Hojrun. Real Madrid is looking at Hojrun as a long-term successor to Karim Benzema.”

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