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Bucheon FC 1995, signed an official business agreement with ‘Cosmos’, a handmade canned coffee manufacturer

Bucheon FC 1995 (owner Cho Yong-ik, Mayor of Bucheon) signed a business agreement with ‘Cosmos’, a manufacturer specializing in handmade coffee.

The signing ceremony was held on April 21st (Friday) at the Bucheon Sports Complex in the presence of Bucheon FC 1995 Kim Seong-nam, Bucheon FC Social Cooperative Chairman Lee Do-hyun, and Cosmos CEO Park Jeong-guk.

Cosmos, a handmade coffee manufacturer and distributor, is promoting ‘Now Coffee’ as its main product, which has the cleanness of cold brew and the deep and rich taste of espresso. ‘Coffee Now’ contains a large amount of amino acid protein (arginine, glutamine) and is gaining great popularity among customers who are interested in exercise and beauty.

Park Jung-guk, CEO of ‘Cosmos’, started sponsoring with ‘The Red’, a sponsoring affiliate in Bucheon, and has continued various activities for the development of the local community through continuous interest in Bucheon FC 1995 and Rotary activities.

With this agreement, Bucheon will be provided with undiluted coffee and homemade canned coffee through Cosmos, and granted advertising rights such as the A board in the Bucheon Sports Complex.

Park Jung-guk, CEO of ‘Cosmos’, said, “I think volunteering for the local community is very important. I’m happy to be able to volunteer for the local community by sponsoring a sports team representing Bucheon.” 스포츠토토

Seongnam Kim, general manager of Bucheon FC 1995, said, “Cosmos’ ‘Coffee Now’ is scheduled to be stocked at the Red Barcode store in Bucheon Sports Complex. I will do my best,” he said.

Lee Do-hyun, chairman of the Bucheon FC social cooperative, said, “I hope that the local companies discovered by our union will participate in sponsorship more, and I sincerely thank CEO Park Jeong-guk for his support.”

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