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Comeback after 15 years! Jeonnam Kang Min-soo’s promise, “My role is to lead by example, so that my juniors absorb my experience”

The promising player who left the Jeonnam Dragons at the age of 22 has gone through a series of hardships and returned as a veteran. Now, it is his will to be reborn as a leader who takes the initiative for his juniors and his team.
Veteran defender Kang Min-soo (37) returned to Jeonnam after 15 years ahead of the 2023 season. He made his professional debut in 2004 with Jeonnam uniform, played 59 games for 4 years and won the FA Cup (2007), then left for Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2008. After going through Jeju United ~ Suwon Samsung ~ Ulsan Hyundai ~ Busan I-Park, he played an active part at Incheon United until last year. He also built a considerable career as a national team player, appearing in 33 A matches.

There was confidence in Kang Min-soo’s voice, who returned to revive his family’s team. In an interview with Sports Dong-a, he said, “I didn’t have a lot of worries about returning to Jeonnam,” and “I was very sorry when I left Incheon, but when Jeonnam gave me an offer, I didn’t hesitate.” He continued, “The things I have accumulated through various teams are not important anymore. It is important how well you do in Jeonnam,” he added.

Jeonnam, which fell to the bottom of K-League 2 (Part 2) last year, is preparing for the 2023 season with a desperate feeling. Lee Minister Jeonnam coach (49) desperately needed a leader who would hold the center on the pitch. “Although he is an old man, he can play a good enough role. He is a player who came back from a big game. You can get a glimpse of the anticipation for Kang Min-soo in his words, “I will bring the team together.”

Kang Min-soo is determined to show through actions rather than words. He said, “I may not be the leader who takes the lead like the director wants. My job is to take the lead and show hard work,” he said. “There is nothing special about having a lot of experience. I just hope that my juniors will absorb it well,” he raised his voice. 바카라
Coach Lee’s soccer, which aims for proactive and fast soccer, is a new challenge for him who is in his late 30s. Kang Min-soo said, “Jeonnam’s soccer this year will be very aggressive.” In line with that, I am preparing thoroughly personally,” he said.

Kang Min-soo’s goals for this season are focused on the team. He said, “When I was young, I paid a lot of attention to personal records, but now the team is more important.” “Both the coach and the players share the same goal. I want to advance to the K League 2 playoffs. After that, I don’t know what will happen,” he said.

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