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‘Company Magic’ 15 wins, 4 draws, undefeated… Burnley back to 1st division

“When I hear that I am complacent, my blood boils.”

Coach Vincent Kompani (37), who is in charge of Burnley in the English Professional Football Championship League (EFL, 2nd Division), said this when the team took the lead at the beginning of this season. Burnley did not let go of the reins even after taking the lead, and since then has been on a 19-game undefeated streak (15 wins, 4 draws), including 10 consecutive wins. Burnley, with 87 points (25 wins, 12 draws, 2 losses) as of the 10th, confirmed promotion to the English Premier League (EPL) next season regardless of the results of the remaining 7 games. It is to return to the EPL after one season after being relegated to the second division. In the EFL, in which 24 teams participate, the first and second places are directly promoted to the first division without going through the playoffs. Burnley is currently 19 points ahead of third-placed Luton Town (68 points). Luton Town can’t get ahead of Burnley with just six games left, even if they win all over.

Coach Kompany, a former member of the Belgian national team, rose to the top of the Burnley coach ahead of this season. Coach Kompani, who was evaluated as the world’s top-class central defender as a player, took the helm of Anderlecht (Belgium) after retiring in 2020. Anderlecht, which ranked 8th out of 18 league teams in the 2019-2020 season, rose to third in the league for two consecutive seasons after taking over as coach Kompani. Burnley, who had been eyeing coach Kompani’s leadership, offered the manager’s position when he was relegated from the EPL last season.

Coach Kompani, who took charge of Burnley, which had the highest average age of the players in the EPL last season, changed the composition of the players first. Last summer Burnley signed 16 new players, 13 of whom were under-23s. Coach Kompani, who filled a lot of young players, also tried his hand at the long pass-oriented tactics of former coach Sean Dyche, who led Burnley for 10 years. As he gained possession, he used strong pressing and aggressive tactics. Burnley have scored 76 goals and conceded 30 in 39 games this season. The league’s most goals and least goals scored. 토스카지노

Sky Sports, a British media, said, “There was not a big difference in power between the 24 EFL teams. But Burnley is so overwhelming that they have only lost twice this season.” British media The Independent said, “Coach Kompani said during the first training session, ‘It will be difficult at first, but I will give you an incredible future.’ Now players will be willing to throw themselves into an unbelievable future with coach Kompani in the EPL.”

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