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Entering into a Brave New World. By Robert Ambrose
The gaming/hospitality environment has radically changed in recent years and continues to spawn new technologies and reinvented business models. At no other time in gaming/hospitality’s history has the environment faced such a degree of business challenges while undergoing so many operational changes. The aesthetically designed elements, the technology, the products, the competition and partnerships are evolving every day.

At G2E this year the gaming and hospitality industry was shown to be strong, innovative and continues to host companies of interest. It is reflective of an ever evolving industry model steeped
in ideas, technical advances and the marketing of cross generational products. As an example, this was Experiture’s third year at G2E and according to the company’s Sales Director Wayne Wildrick, it was by far our most successful. “G2E has been a great avenue for Experiture to introduce new marketing technology to the gaming industry. It was standing room only at our booth.”
Also this year there was an increased presence of the Esports model. Skill based gaming has obviously expanded its base from last year with even more floor space devoted to the products.
And the integrated resort experience, after its introduction a couple of years ago, has shown stability and continues to fit quite comfortably on the conference floor.

My commentary this month specifically centers on Esports. Hopefully those of you that attended G2E saw the beginning stages of the integration with Esports vendors and panel discussions and took some time out to learn more. Resort properties have begun to adapt to the growth of Esports with competitive arenas either in place or in the planning phase. And if property space is challenged for 안전놀이터 a large competitive venue dedicated to competition, what about a tournament “viewing” lounge, similar to the sports betting areas we see today.

When major Esports tournaments are being projected on the screens, the lounge is a model for guests to watch the tournaments, participate in e-game play with friends and be a contributor to the food and beverage bottom-line. In the correct regulatory environment with the right logistics, Esports wagering can take place at the same lounges or elsewhere in the casino.First time vendor at the show Jason McIntosh, ggCircuit LLC was impressed. “Overall, our first experience at G2E was fantastic,” he said. “It was well worth us travelling to talk to industry leaders about what we’re doing in the Esports space. While a large majority were interested in the betting aspect of Esports, we were very encouraged at how our management software and LAN center experience can bridge the gap as an entertainment venue until betting regulation is complete. We received multiple compliments about how we were ahead of the curve with Esports and casinos. From top to bottom we were welcomed by all and felt we left an imprint. We look forward to attending next year.”

Executives that prescribe to the traditionalist point of view need to understand that Esports and the casino industry are in a process of “mapping out” their relationship and seeing how it will complement each other going forward. It is important to search out the analytics needed to determine how a massive gathering of millennials will fit into the future casino/hospitality model.
Basically, how can a property and the Esports community economically go forward together to court their customer base as jurisdictions work out wagering regulations. Esports is a marketing identifier and brings one more niche to the property footprint. As an executive, you are not required to understand the games but rather appreciate and understand what drives these events and fuels the infrastructure. Think beyond traditional game floor analytics. Esports events and wagering brings another niche marketing segment to a property. If marketed correctly it has property wide economic potential. What better forum than an event center packed full of potential present and future customers and an additional number in the thousands of online spectators to include an international audience. Is there commercial dollar value here? Absolutely!

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