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Fierce ‘Korean Command Tower Confrontation’, Director Park Hang-seo Seungri Aims for ‘Last Dance’

The winner of the fierce ‘Korean Command Tower Confrontation’ was Vietnamese coach Park Hang-seo (64).

The Vietnam national soccer team led by coach Park Hang-seo won 2-0 in the second leg of the 2022 Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) Mitsubishi Cup semi-final against Indonesia held at My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam on the 9th (hereinafter Korean time). Vietnam, who recorded a 0-0 draw in the first leg, won the first and second legs 2-0 on aggregate and advanced to the final.

A keen interest was gathered. Ahead of this game, the off-field ‘nervous battle’ between coach Park and Indonesian coach Shin Tae-yong drew more attention. Controversy arose that the two command towers refused to shake hands. Coach Shin Tae-yong became a hot topic again by posting an article on his SNS (social network service) demanding “fair play” between the referee and players. In response, coach Park said, “Coach Shin and I have no choice but to react sensitively to the game result. As a result, we talked about each other. After the game, our relationship will return to normal. Provocations like this are not desirable. I don’t do social media, so I don’t know how to rate this.”

The curtain on the second game has risen. It was the last game at stake. ‘Home team’ Vietnam opened the scoring in the 3rd minute. After receiving the ball from the penalty box, Nguyen Tien Linh tasted the goal with a calm right-footed shot. Thien Linh scored another goal two minutes into the second half. He completed a multi-goal by redirecting a corner kick from the left side to his head. Indonesia tried to turn around, but failed to change the win or loss.

According to Vietnamese media Tuoi Tre, coach Park said, “Vietnam has not beaten Indonesia in the AFF Cup for the past 26 years. I am really proud of the hard work our team has put in.”

In 2018, under the leadership of coach Park, Vietnam won the tournament. With this victory, Park is only one step away from standing at the top of the tournament once again. Coach Park plans to end his 5-year partnership with Vietnam after this tournament. Challenge the ‘Last Dance’ in the finals. 메이저놀이터

Coach Park said, “There are many players who have matured. If I say that they do not develop their individual technique, I cannot agree with this point. There are definitely players who are improving. They have developed well in their teams. I think the way to play with the team works. To a certain extent, Vietnamese players are one step above other Southeast Asian teams. I am an average coach. I play with the spirit of Vietnam to win the championship and love the Vietnamese football fans. I will repay you,” he said.

The final opponent is either Malaysia or Thailand. In the first leg of the semi-final between the two teams, coach Kim Pan-gon’s Malaysia won 1-0 and took the advantage. There is a possibility that another ‘Korean command tower confrontation’ will unfold.

On the other hand, coach Shin said after losing the second game, “Vietnam played a good game today. My Dinh National Stadium is familiar to Vietnam, but it was an unfamiliar place to us. There is still a lot of work to be done to develop Indonesian football. Disappointing Indonesian fans. I’m sorry for making you do that.”

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