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Hangzhou Asian Games e-Sports national preliminary entry revealed… ‘Carnaby’ – including ‘Ruler’

On the 21st, the Korea e-Sports Association (Association) released preliminary entries for each event to participate as the national e-sports team for the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games (Asian Games). 

At the beginning of this year, the association resumed the operation of the National Team Performance Improvement Committee and started the e-sports national team selection process. In January, the leaders of each event confirmed their intention to serve again, and this month, the selection criteria and current status for each event were disclosed before the announcement of the preliminary entry. 안전놀이터

The common eligibility for the e-sports national team is Korean national players aged 16 or older who do not fall under the reasons for disqualification specified in Article 14 of the National Team Selection and Operation Regulations and the reasons for disqualification from overseas departure. Based on this, the Performance Improvement Committee establishes a selection method and criteria for each event and recommends suitable preliminary entries, and the association submits them to the Korea Sports Council in advance. The final entry selection process will be held in May or June.’League of Legends (LoL)’, which selects the national team through a selection method, reviewed the selection qualifications for players active in domestic and foreign leagues as of February this year. Their skills were evaluated based on their performance in domestic and international competitions and individual award history over the past two years, and a total of 20 players were selected by selecting 3 to 5 players for each position.

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