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‘Highest 157km’ top prospect Shim Jun-seok, imminent to the United States? “Possibility of going to Pittsburgh ↑”

Shim Jun-seok, who challenged the major leagues without participating in the KBO League rookie draft, seems to be imminently going to the United States.

The American ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 12th (Korean time), “The prospect of Shim Jun-seok’s talent will be a good opportunity for Pittsburgh.”

Shim Jun-seok received a lot of attention last year from KBO league as well as major league scouts. It is because we could not ignore the talent of Shim Jun-seok, who spreads a fast ball with a maximum speed of 157 km. Until Shim Jun-seok revealed his intention to challenge the major leagues, the 2022 KBO League was called the ‘Shim Jun-seok League’.

Shim Jun-seok failed to show his true value in his high school stage last year due to his jagged pitches, and despite not being selected for his youth national team, the heat towards him was hot. A high-ranking Pittsburgh official also visited Korea to see Shim Jun-seok in person.

If Shim Jun-seok had participated in the KBO League rookie draft, the overall first pick would have been definite. However, Shim Jun-seok challenged the major league stage for a bigger dream.

Shim Jun-seok’s talent is unmistakable. The point is that he has the ability to sow fast balls in the middle and late 150km. Last year, ‘’ selected Shim Jun-seok as the 10th best prospect in the international rankings, and awarded 60 points for fastball, 60 points for curve, 50 points for slider, 50 points for changeup, 50 points for control, and 55 points overall in the ’20-80 scale evaluation’. 온라인카지노 did.

At the time, ‘’ said, “Shim Jun-seok throws a fastball of 100 miles (about 161 km) and consistently records 94 to 96 miles (about 151.2 km to 154.5 km). He is good at all breaking balls. Large and strong body shape. “I have been compared to Park Chan-ho since I was in my early teens, such as throwing a fast ball and calm appearance,” he said.

The gaze of ‘The Athletic’ was not very different. Along with the news that Shim’s move to Pittsburgh is imminent, the media said, “MLB Pipeline rated Shim as the 10th best international prospect and best pitcher this year.” comparison,” he said.

It remains to be seen whether Shim Jun-seok, who is about to go to the U.S., will wear the Pittsburgh uniform as predicted by multiple local media outlets, and if he heads to Pittsburgh, what amount of down payment he will receive.

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