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“I haven’t decided yet.” So who is SSG’s closer?

We need more confidence. SSG Landers is still thinking about finishing. Opening day is less than a week away.

Last year’s combined championship team, SSG, finished the season without a ‘clear closer’. The first was Kim Taek-hyung, and the second was Seo Jin-yong. And again, Moon Seung-won and Noh Kyung-eun took over the finishing position. Of course, the closer is one of the bullpen pitchers in a broad sense. However, since there are many cases in the toughest situations and the most difficult situations, it is ‘best’ to start with a clear finisher. In a way, SSG’s ability to win last year while struggling to finish like that is great.

At this point, the most promising closer candidate is Seo Jin-yong. have the most experience Kim Taek-hyung has enlisted in the military, and it is not easy to leave it to veteran pitchers over 40 years old. Coach Won-hyung Kim is also playing camp and exhibition games with Seo Jin-yong, who also had 33 saves in 2019, in mind. However, the director was cautious until the end. Coach Won-hyung Kim said at a meeting with reporters prior to the exhibition game against the KIA Tigers on the 24th, “I have been thinking a lot about finishing since the camp. Coincidentally, Seo Jin-yong, who took the mound in the bottom of the 9th inning with a 1-run finish, was hit by Hwang Dae-in as the first batter, but played the next 3 batters with a quick count and got 4 pitches and 3 outs.

Of course, this is still unpredictable. Even if Seo Jin-yong opens with a finisher, SSG must come up with a plan for what alternatives to present when he falters. The most important driving force behind SSG winning the regular season last year was their opening 10-game winning streak. The bullpen is already considered SSG’s only weakness. Under these circumstances, if the finish falters early in the opening, too many weaknesses may be exposed at once. Variables should be eliminated as much as possible.

The problem is that there are no alternatives. Noh Kyung-eun or Koh Hyo-jun could be alternatives, but it is not easy considering the complex situation involved in the starting lineup. SSG has a rich starting lineup. Annie Romero is out of the team due to shoulder pain, but there is no problem in opening the game with four domestic starting pitchers and Kirk McCarty. Coach Won-hyeong Kim’s story, which initially said he would use one of the starting pitchers in Korea as a midfielder, is unlikely to become a reality. 스포츠토토

However, it is burdensome to use a foreign starting pitcher as a finisher. Until now, in the KBO League, there were more failures than successes when foreign pitchers were in charge of finishing. Especially since Romero has a history of shoulder injuries and he’s already had one, the frequent finishing with his arm can be a burden. McCarty also needs to see what he throws after the opening.

The trial run is almost over. The best outcome for everyone is the success of finisher Seo Jin-yong. What kind of ending will be the end of director Kim Won-hyung’s worries?

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