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Joy in the 6th round competition 3-point shot… KCC laughed, DB cried

The 3-point shot has emerged as a variable in the fierce competition for the semifinals of professional basketball. Jeonju KCC blocked Changwon LG’s winning streak with an onslaught including 12 3-pointers and regained the 6th place. Wonju DB only succeeded in 3 out of 21 attempts, falling one step behind.

KCC won a landslide 87-64 victory over Changwon LG in the 5th round of the 2022-2023 Korean Professional Basketball (KBL) held at the Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 5th. Laguna ( pictured ) exploded with 32 points and 13 rebounds, and Heo Woong, Jung Chang-young, and Kim Sang-gyu also scored double-digit points. Lee Jong-hyun, who had previously transferred from Goyang Carrot through a trade, made his KCC debut safely, playing for 15 minutes and 42 seconds.

In terms of content, KCC also dominated the game. In particular, there was a big difference in the outskirts. KCC tried 28 3-pointers that day and made 12 of them. Led by La Gun-ah, who succeeded 5 out of 6 attempts, Jeong Chang-young and Park Gyeong-sang showed off their team-like appearance with the highest 3-point shot success rate among the 10 teams.

The Ulsan game, which took place at the same time, was also decided by a 3-point shot. DB, who successfully bounced back under the acting coach Kim Joo-seong system and jumped into the fight for the semifinals in earnest, but there was no way to do it when three-point shots that did not even reach the rim came out one after another. Only 3 out of 21 3-point attempts were successful, and they were greatly ahead of the home team Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in both 2-point shots and free throws, but lost with a final score of 80-71.

It was also the 3-point shot of Hyundai Mobis that exploded in each match that brought DB to its knees. 슬롯사이트 The fourth quarter, which started with DB’s four-point lead, broke the net with Ronjay Avarientos’ three-point shot, 63-60, in the third minute. Hyundai Mobis seized the victory after Lee Woo-seok and Avarientos put in consecutive 3-point shots.

As a result of the match, the joys and sorrows of the two competing teams in the round of 6 crossed. 7th place KCC, which had suffered 5 consecutive losses and was being pursued by DB until this day, took a breather by moving up to 6th place, half a game ahead of Suwon KT, which had no games. DB suffered a losing streak at the beginning of the 5th round and stayed in 8th place, one game behind KT.

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