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K-League 2 ‘New Face’ outsider’s hot toes, who will explode in the 2nd round

From the beginning of the K-League 2 (Part 2), the toes of foreign players shone hotly. On the 1st, the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023’ race began at six stadiums across the country. Celebrations rained down. A total of 18 goals were scored in 6 matches. Of these, foreign players finished 10 goals. Lamas (Busan IPark) and Jonathan (FC Anyang), who have been active as the team’s aces all along, scored ‘as expected’. Duarte (Chungnam-Asan), who moved the team, also scored a goal. Peshin (Busan), Motta (Cheonan City FC), Gabriel (Ansan Greeners), Paulinho, Jorge (Chungbuk Cheongju), and Bruno (Seoul E-Land) exploded their debut goals in the first game. In addition, Tsubasa (E-Land, from Japan), the Asian quarter, also started scoring.

As of February 28, there are 30 foreign players registered in K-League 2. There are 8 Asian Quarters and 3 ASEAN Quarters. 12 teams, excluding ‘military team’ Kim Cheon, recruited at least one foreign player. Jeonnam Dragons filled all 5 cards, including 3 foreign players, 1 Asian Quarter, and 1 ASEAN Quarter. Gimpo FC, which had no fun in farming foreign players last year, also embraced three foreign players this year.

It’s not over. There is also a movement to prepare for additional registration of foreign players. Busan coach Park Jin-seop said, “I understand that you are negotiating with a new foreign player. It seems that he will join as soon as the contract is finalized.” Cheonan coach Park Nam-yeol also hinted at the possibility of additional recruitment, saying, “Hodoub went to Brazil for family reasons. He is discussing how to fill that part.” The deadline for regular registration for 2023 of the Korea Professional Football Federation is the 24th.

The K League 2 stage has a high proportion of ‘toxic’ foreign players. Officials at the site said, “Compared to domestic players in K League 1, the skills of K League 2 domestic players are somewhat inferior. 스포츠토토 That’s why we put foreign players in the main attacking positions. Foreign players have to fill the weak spots. It has to be high,” he said. We have no choice but to put our hopes on the toes of well-selected foreign players.

The second round will be held on the 4th and 5th, with hot scoring shots pouring in from the opening round. Gimpo, who took a break in the first round, makes his debut. All eyes are on the performance of new foreign players, including Juninho, Pablo, and Louis. In addition, attention is focused on the performance of other foreign players who did not score in the first game. Expectations are high whether the 2m1 tall Robin Simovic (Jeonnam) from Sweden and Glayson (Gyeongnam FC) from Brazil will start scoring in the second match.

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