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Klinsman, a fan of South American team training that produces players who are good at dribbling

‘Post Bento’ Jurgen Klinsmann’s new A national team coach’s soccer style has been revealed.

On the 3rd (hereafter Korean time), Germany’s Bild reported on the color of football coach Klinsmann prefers. The media said, “Coach Klinsman prefers to choose a clear number 9 in the attack tactically.” A type 9 striker is a target striker. This means that they will use the basic tactics of putting tall strikers such as Harry Kane (Tottenham) and Victor Osimen (Napoli) at the top.

First of all, the results are right with the A team. ‘World Cup Star’ Cho Gyu-seong (25) is holding out for the national team A. Former A national team coach Paulo Bento also put Cho Kyu-seong as a joker in the second half in the first game of the 2022 Qatar World Cup group stage, but from the second game he put it in as a starter and showed trust. Cho Kyu-seong exploded multiple goals with a fantastic header in the second match of the group stage against Ghana.

Klinsman’s preferred player style also came out. They are good at dribbling. Bild explained, “Coach Klinsman is a fan of training South American teams that produce players who are good at dribbling.” “Coach Klinsman, who was a member of the Qatar World Cup International Football Federation (FIFA) Technical Study Group (TSG), added that when the game is getting tighter and more compact, we need more players who are good at dribbling. It’s a matter of training.” 스포츠토토

Here, some of the way coach Klinsman treats the players was also revealed. Berti Vogts, 77, technical advisor to the U.S. National Team, told Bild magazine, “I’m sure Klinsman will be appreciated by the players for his style. The way Klinsman treats the players is always positive. He always listens. Leave it open. That’s very important for the younger generation of players these days. He’ll be able to achieve a lot with Korea.”

Fogts served as technical advisor to Klinsman when he led the U.S. national team from 2011 to 2016. It is reported that the two are still in close contact.

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