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‘Last Northwest Derby’ FA Firmino, 1 goal, 1 assist…’Arnold pointed out’

Roberto Firmino scored two attack points in the last derby against Manchester United.

Liverpool defeated Manchester United 7-0 in the 26th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held at Anfield in Liverpool, England at 1:30 am (Korean time) on the 6th. With this, Liverpool is in 5th place with 12 wins, 6 draws and 7 losses (42 points), and the TOP4 is on the verge.

The sad news came before the game. Firmino, who had been together for eight years, left Liverpool at the end of this season. Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ and others explained, “Firmino does not extend his contract with Liverpool. He has talked with manager Jurgen Klopp and will become a free agent.”

The ‘Northwest Derby’ against Manchester United that followed. Firmino came on in the 34th minute of the second half when they were leading 5-0. And he contributed to the team’s 7-0 victory by posting two offensive points.

First of all, in the 38th minute of the second half, what Luke Shaw tried to clear in the pre-game situation hit Firmino’s knee and flowed. 원벳원 토토 It was pushed by Mohamed Salah. It was a rather lucky assist.

And in the 43rd minute of the second half, Salah passed a penetrating pass and Firmino, who was rushing to the goal, decided with a calm shot in a situation where there was not much angle. Firmino ran to the corner flag and celebrated, and all of his Liverpool teammates ran to share the joy. And Trent Alexander-Arnold pointed out Firmino and induced the crowd to respond.

The match ended in Liverpool’s 7-0 victory, the final Northwest Derby for Firmino.

Firmino said on social media, “Today is a very special day. I thank God for giving me this moment. I am so happy to feel the affection and love of my teammates and all Liverpool fans.”

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