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Lee Kang-in with Hwang Hee-chan?…”A player who will solve the Wolverhampton attack”

Lee Kang-in has been connected to Wolverhampton Wanderers, where ‘Bull’ Hee-chan Hwang is active.

Wolverhampton source ‘Molynew News’ said on the 22nd (Korean time), “Wolverhampton needs to have more attacking opportunities, and one of the players who will solve this is Lee Kang-in. Wolverhampton needs an attacker who will consistently score. However, A player who can create good attacking chances will also help.”

Lee Kang-in was a hot potato in the winter transfer market last January. Lee Kang-in’s transfer rumors broke out in early January. Spain’s ‘Relevo’ said on January 7, “Lee Kang-in will leave Mallorca 90% of the time. Where will he go? I can’t say for sure yet, but I can say two leagues. English Premier League (EPL) or Eredivista. Currently has not progressed in negotiations with any team, but he is very hot.”

Transfer rumors, which had been quiet since then, re-ignited a week before the transfer market deadline. First, Lee Kang-in stopped following Mallorca on his SNS. Lee Kang-in’s former team, Valencia, is still following him, so Lee Kang-in was able to guess his psychological state.

Specifically, it was linked to two clubs. Atletico Madrid belonging to the same La Liga and Brighton of the English Premier League (EPL) sent a love call. However, Mallorca rejected both clubs’ offers and succeeded in retaining Lee Kang-in.

There was a transfer commotion once, but Lee Kang-in is spending the season as usual. Against Villarreal on the 19th, he helped Dani Rodriguez’s header with a sharp corner kick. It was Lee Kang-in’s league No. 5 help. 슬롯사이트

The rumor of Lee Kang-in’s transfer, which had been quiet for a while, surfaced once again as it was linked to Wolverhampton. This season, Wolverhampton has not been able to produce results despite aggressive investment. Diego Costa, Matheus Cunha, Pablo Sarabia, Matheus Nunes, etc. have been recruited, but the offense is terrible. 17 points in 23 games based on the league standard are all.

It is evaluated that there are not enough players to link the offense and midfielder. Wolverhampton has outstanding midfield resources such as Joao Moutinho and Ruben Neves, but they are not aggressive midfielders. As a result, the left and right side wing forwards often dribble the ball from below the half line and finish it directly. However, this is highly likely to be blocked by the defense, and it cannot be said to be an efficient scoring route because it puts a heavy burden on the stamina.

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