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Lee Seung-bin’s goal of “Advancing to PO rather than the best goalkeeper in the league”

Ansan Greeners goalkeeper Lee Seung-bin wants the team to leap forward more than individual glory.

On the 6th, a press conference was held in Ansan for the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ at the Seogwipo Cal Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju. Manager Lim Jong-heon, captain Kim Young-nam, vice-captain Lee Keun-ho and Lee Seung-bin attended and expressed their determination to face the new season.

Lee Seung-bin is the longest-serving player in Ansan. He joined in 2018, the second season of his founding, and is celebrating his 6th year. He has a long service life, so he knows his team well. That’s why he tends to look at the reality of the club more calmly. Regarding the difficult club financial situation to keep talented players for a long time, he nodded, saying, “There seems to be an unavoidable side,” and for the same reason, the range of changes in the squad every season is inevitably large, saying, “Every year, a new team I can feel it,” he laughs.

It may seem like there is no love for the team, but it is not. Lee Seung-bin is a player who prioritizes the team over the individual. When Choi Cheol-won, who ranked first in the K League 2 defense index last season, moved to FC Seoul in the K League 1, when asked if he would be worth aiming for as the best goalkeeper in the league, he said, “I will rank first in the defense index,” and “I will become the best goalkeeper in the league.” I want the team to rise to a higher place than achieving a goal.” Lee Seung-bin’s interview below

  • The composition of the team has changed a lot ahead of this season

It’s been 6 years with our team, and it’s been like that every year. So there is a feeling of coming to a new team every year (laughs). 스포츠토토 You have to adapt to the team situation.

  • He is the longest-serving player in Ansan. As a long-time observer of the team, do you have any regrets about the large change in the team every year?

Keeping in step with the same players can improve team performance. But from a player’s point of view, if there is an opportunity to go to a good team, I think it’s right to go. Especially young players. It seems that there is something unavoidable.

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