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Lewandowski “I want to play with Messi, tactics? Chavi will organize it”

“I want to play with Lionel Messi here at Barcelona.”

Messi’s destination after parting ways with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) at the end of this season is a big question mark in the world of soccer. Al-Hilal in the Saudi Arabian league and several clubs in the US Major League Soccer (MLS) have been mentioned, but a return to Barcelona would complete the ‘romantic narrative’.

Messi remains an iconic player for the club, even after leaving in 2021. This is because he is an unprecedented Barcelona legend who has accomplished so much. After rising through the ranks of the Barcelona youth team, Messi became one of the best in the world and was always full of love for the club. The world of soccer was turned upside down when Messi, who never seemed to leave, moved to PSG. The parting of the ways was finalized after Barcelona’s financial troubles and despite Messi agreeing to take a pay cut.

The Barcelona squad is desperate to have Messi back. Star striker Robert Lewandowski expressed his desire to link up with Messi, telling Polish outlet Meczki: “Messi has changed his style of play over the years. It’s easier to play with a player who has a deep understanding of the game. “He keeps improving, he thinks differently, he changes his position differently. She has a unique flair. We must take advantage of that.”

When asked about how the two will work together in practice, Lewandowski tactfully replied, “The tactics will be drawn up by coach Chavi Hernandez.”

Barcelona’s future Both Pedri and the hierarchy hope to reunite with Messi. “You can hear rumors about Messi everywhere. I would love to see Messi return to Barcelona. Of course, it’s up to the club and Messi to decide, but I hope it becomes a reality.” President Juan Laporta promised in a private broadcast to Spanish journalist Herrard Romero that “we will do whatever it takes to bring Messi back.” 메이저놀이터

For Barcelona to reacquire Messi, the club will need to get its finances in order. Barcelona has been in financial crisis since the COVID-19 pandemic due to its profligate management of the club. That’s why there have been early reports that the club will be cutting squad salaries and selling some players in order to balance income and expenses.

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