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MLB Detroit narrows the home outfield and lowers the fence… “Hitter friendly”

Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers of the American Professional Baseball (MLB), which is famous for being a pitcher-friendly pitch, will change into a more hitter-friendly environment.

According to Associated Press and on the 12th (Korean time), Detroit plans to pull the center fence of Comerica Park about 3.05m toward home plate.

As a result, the center outfield (128.63m), which was the longest among the 30 MLB teams, will be reduced to 125.58m.

The first place record was given to Coors Field (126.49m) of the Colorado Rockies, but it is still above the MLB average (122.53m).

In addition, Detroit plans to lower the height of the fence from the center to the right to 2.13m. In the case of the existing fence, the center and right sides were 2.59m, and the right middle was 3.96m.

The distance from the home plate to the left outfield fence was corrected from 105.16m to 104.24m as a result of a detailed investigation.

The Detroit team said, “It is to properly compensate the hitters who sent the ball to the deepest part of the field,” and “we expect that the lowered fence will be able to create a great defensive scene like a home run catch defense.” 카지노.

According to Forbes in October of last year, Comerica Park ranked 29th in home run index and 28th in fly ball index out of 30 parks, and was analyzed as ‘the most pitcher-friendly park’ with an overall park factor of 88.2.

The park factor is an indicator of whether a stadium is good for pitchers or hitters.

The Associated Press analyzed, “This remodeling will make Detroit’s stadium more hitter-friendly.”

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