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“Napoli is a team without any problems”… 伊 ‘Perfection’ acknowledged by master craftsmen

Napoli is leading the sensation in Italy’s Serie A. World-renowned Italian players also acknowledged Naples’ potential.

Napoli are currently in first place in the league with 50 points. They are ahead of AC Milan in second place by 12 points. As long as there is no change, Napoli’s victory is certain. It is the first win in 33 years. Napoli are currently regarded as the most complete team in Europe.

Coach Fabio Capello, one of Italy’s greatest masters, also praised Napoli’s perfection. He directed AC Milan, Juventus, AS Roma, etc., and is a world-class master who also served as Real Madrid manager. 토토사이트

“Right now, I’m enjoying Napoli’s dominance of Serie A. I think Napoli can go to the championship if they don’t lose focus,” Capello said on Tribal Football, a European professional soccer website. doesn’t,” he said.

He continued, “Coach Luciano Spalletti made a good team. Napoli players understand what their strengths are and they show them on the ground. Napoli reigns as a menacing team to all teams. If not, Napoli can go anywhere.”

Finally, Capello said: “Hvica Kvarachhelia and Victor Osimen are doing very well. But don’t forget who is behind them. The other players are helping them shine from behind.”

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