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Notice of ‘Sedga Season 2’… Director Choi Won-kwon also expects ‘Brazil Connection

Expectations are high for Cedar and Edgar, the so-called ‘Sedgar Duo’.

Daegu FC held the 2023 K-League winter field training media camp at the Namhae General Welfare Center located in Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do at 7 pm on the 1st.

One of the standout signings in Daegu’s winter transfer market was Edgar. To be precise, it is a comeback. Edgar, who suffered an Achilles tendon injury in March last year, returned to his hometown after the termination of his contract for his rehabilitation and devoted himself to his rehabilitation. Daegu reached out again to Edgar, who was recovering from injury, and Edgar returned to Daegu after about a year.

Edgar’s joining is expected to be a great help to Daegu. The provisional right from the tall height and the post play based on it play an important role in Daegu’s counterattack. While the side and second line resources penetrate into space, someone has to fight the opponent’s defense with the ball and then connect the ball to their teammates. Edgar is a player who can play this role.

Everyone welcomed Edgar’s return. In particular, Cezinya, who formed a ‘Brazilian Connection’ with Edgar and nicknamed the so-called ‘Sedga (Cesinha + Edgar)’ duo, expressed great joy at Edgar’s joining. Sejingya and Edgar contributed greatly to Daegu’s final 3rd place in the league in the 2021 season and to compete in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL). At that time, Edgar recorded 10 goals and 5 assists, and Cesinya recorded 9 goals and 7 assists.

In an interview at Media Camp, Sejingya said about Edgar’s return, “I was really sad when Edgar said he was leaving the team because we got along really well, and I was really happy to hear that he was coming back to Daegu. Expectations are high that we can help each other a lot on the pitch and breathe together. 메이저놀이터 As in the past, there are expectations for the ‘Sedga’ combination,” he said, promising to make a good performance with Edgar.

Director Choi Won-kwon’s expectations are also high. Coach Choi said at a media camp press conference, “Since we are a style that puts weight on counterattacks, I think the Brazilian players’ counterattacking ability will be our sharp spear. In particular, Cezingya and Edgar cannot be ignored. Because of the two players, the trust in the ‘Brazilian Connection’ is in my heart. If this part is maintained, it will lead to good grades.”

However, the concern is that Edgar’s condition has not fully improved. Director Choi said, “When I saw Edgar shooting for the first time after coming to Namhae, I thought it was like a kid shooting. It seems that it will take time for Edgar’s performance to improve,” he said, adding, “I still have the thought, ‘Because I am Edgar.

Edgar is confident. Edgar said of his condition, “My condition continues to improve. His condition improved a lot during winter training. He saw how Daegu struggled last season, and I thought I could help. I want to prove it this season. I know what role I have to play in Daegu, so I think I just need to improve my condition.”

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