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Paris Saint-Germain ‘shock’ decision… Dismantle the ‘MNM’ line

Paris Saint-Germain (France) made a shocking decision. They plan to release Neymar (30) this summer. The ‘MNM’ line, which naturally led to him, Lionel Messi (35), and Kylian Mbafe (24), is expected to disband in two years.

‘RETOUR’, who is well versed in the inside news of Paris Saint-Germain, said on the 3rd (Korean time), “In the upcoming summer transfer market, the top priority of general manager Luis Campos (58, Portugal) is to transfer Neymar.” They want to replace him with a striker who is in.”

According to reports, senior Paris Saint-Germain officials want to end their association with Neymar at the end of this season. The high weekly wage of 1 million euros (approximately 1.3 billion won) is also a burden, but this is because there have been frequent disappointments such as inconsistent performance after the transfer.

In particular, it is said that Neymar’s patience has reached its limit as he failed to live up to expectations at the time of recruitment, such as not being able to carry in every important game. In fact, he was silent one after another in decisive situations such as the knockout stage of the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Neymar had to leave for a long time due to frequent injuries, and the part that caused headaches, such as the constant noise outside the game, was also included in the reason for the breakup. In fact, so far, he has been away from injury for 61 days, during which he has missed 104 games. In the past, he created a hometown association mainly for Brazilian players to promote friendship and cause discord within the team from time to time.

Moreover, Paris Saint-Germain have only two years left on Neymar’s contract, so they have to sell it this summer to make a little profit. 안전놀이터 Typically, the shorter the remaining contract period, the lower the transfer fee. This is another background for the decision to release.

If Campos leaves Neymar, he currently has three people in mind as replacement resources. They are Marcus Rashford (25, Manchester United), Victor Osimen (24, Naples), and Raphael Leang (23, AC Milan). These are strikers who have already been connected since last year, with transfer rumors flowing out.

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