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Patrick, who is okay even if Chris presses hard, “Gimcheon is good…Kim Ji-hyun is especially good”

Patrick, who endured Real Kimcheon’s wave offensive, has the physical ability to withstand Chris’s extreme (?) congratulations. 

Seongnam FC and Kimcheon Sangmu drew 2-2 in the 12th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Tancheon Sports Complex at 6:30 pm on the 7th. Seongnam maintained 7th place and Gimcheon maintained 2nd place.

Seongnam was dragged by Kim Min-joon as he lost a run early. They raised their line and continued to attack, but they failed to create any significant opportunities. At the start of the second half, three substitutions were made to make a change, and Patrick’s goal came out to make it 1-1. They gave up the lead by conceding a goal to Kim Dong-hyeon, but Jeong Han-min’s goal brought the score to the starting point. A tight battle ensued, but no goals were scored. The result was a 2-2 draw.

Patrick’s performance was good. Following the important equalizer, Patrick blocked Kim Cheon’s wave of offensive attacks with his whole body. Patrick recorded 4 aerial contest victories, 1 successful tackle, 8 interceptions, and 10 clearings. The rating was the highest among Seongnam players with a rating of 8.1 based on the K-League official supplementary data provider ‘Bpro Eleven’. He has some ups and downs, but overall, he seems to have adapted well to Seongnam. 스포츠토토

Patrick, who was interviewed in Mixt Zone, commented, “I did not show well what I prepared for in the first half. As the second half changed, the flow changed, and the players were more motivated by my goal. I am satisfied with that part.” When asked how he felt about blocking the national team lineup, Kimcheon players, he said, “Director Lee Ki-hyung told me what kind of players they were before the game.

When asked about a particularly memorable player, he replied, “All of them are good, but the number 9 Kim Ji-hyun, whom I met often due to his position, was more threatening.” Kim Ji-hyun did not score that day, but was consistently threatening while showing off her peak condition.

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