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“People didn’t believe it”… The first revealer of ‘Lee Young-ha’s school violence’, why did you leave it to Mr. A?

“People didn’t believe it.”

Witness B, who was the first to expose Doosan Bears right-hander Lee Young-ha (26) of school violence, went to court for the first time. On the 20th, the third trial for Lee Young-ha’s school violence was held at the Seoul Western District Court in Gongdeok-dong, Seoul. Lee Young-ha has been indicted without detention by the prosecution on charges of special assault, coercion, and blackmail of her one-year junior, Mr. A, during Sunrin Internet High School. B appeared as a witness.

Mr. B, who graduated from Sunrin Internet High School, is two years younger than Lee Young-ha and one year younger than Mr. A, and is the person who prepared the opportunity for Mr. A to start a legal battle. Ms. B was hospitalized from March to May 2015 when she was a first year student at Sunrin Internet High School and was unable to attend school. After she was discharged from the hospital, she transferred to another school. After he transferred, he had no contact with Mr. A.

In February 2021, during his military service, Mr. B decided to expose Lee Young-ha’s past after seeing the growing issue of school violence between volleyball player twin sisters Lee Jae-young (27) and Lee Da-young (27). In 2015, Mr. B wrote and disclosed to the Internet community in detail the fact that Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun (26, LG Twins), who were 3rd year one-two punchers at Sunrin Internet High School, bullied juniors in the baseball team.

Mr. B said, “(At the time of disclosure) I was a soldier, and I had a military motive who was a Doosan fan. I often told that motive that Lee Young-ha suffered (during school days). I was encouraged to upload it, so I posted it on the Internet,” he explained the background.

When Mr. B needed help, Mr. A came to mind. He said, “People didn’t believe (the contents of the post), so I needed proof that I was from Sunrin Internet High School. I wasn’t in contact with Mr. A, but I had his contact information, and in my memory, Mr. A suffered the most damage, so I contacted him. (Mr. A) I asked him to prove that I attended Sunrin Internet High School and help him.”

As Mr. A started verifying facts on the Internet, his claim began to gain strength as Mr. B wished. However, Mr. B was unable to actively participate because he served in the military until July 2021, and over time, the composition changed to a truth workshop between Mr. A, Young-ha Lee, and Dae-hyun Kim.

It was Mr. A who brought the case up to now. When Lee Young-ha and Kim Dae-hyun denied the charges, Mr. A reported the two players to the Sports Ethics Center in 2021, and the Sports Ethics Center requested an investigation to the Yongsan Police Station. As a result, the prosecution’s transfer was decided in August of last year, and the court battle has continued since September of last year.

Naturally, the prosecution was centered on 헤라카지노 the facts of Mr. A’s damage. Lee Young-ha was charged with extorting ramen noodles from A and giving cheers to his juniors during Taiwan training camp in January-February 2015. On August 19, 2015, he and Kim Dae-hyun were charged with putting Mr. A’s finger into an electric fly swatter, 2015 In September-October 2012, he is accused of making A do laundry and cleaning in his room.

Mr. B received intensive interrogation in relation to the case of Taiwan’s off-campus training, which overlaps with the victim and the defendant. Mr. B said, “It happened often. I don’t remember too many times, but it definitely exceeded 10 times. It was like that in a hotel room or Lee Young-ha’s room.” .I saw Mr. A being cheated on, but I don’t know about the extortion of ramen. I haven’t seen it myself.”

Regarding the statement that “I transferred to get a chance” at the time of attendance at the Yongsan Police Station in June of last year, Mr. B said, “(The school that went to Korea) was a new team, so I had the idea that I could play, but (at the time I) I was a freshman, and at Sunrin Internet High School, it was natural that I couldn’t play because the third graders were really good at it.

Meanwhile, the fourth trial will be held on March 3. Two prosecution witnesses will be questioned. Attorney Kim Seon-woong, legal representative for Lee Young-ha, said, “There are more trials in March and April, and after that, we expect a sentencing in May or early June.”

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