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‘Promotion’ Daejeon anticipation UP…Season ticket ‘1Q Pass’ exceeded last year’s total sales in 30 minutes

Daejeon Hana Citizen’s 2023 season ticket ‘1Q PASS’ showed an explosive response.

Daejeon, which is in the midst of preparing for the first season of promotion, sold season tickets ahead of the opening. Daejeon’s season ticket ‘1Q Pass’ was a mobile season ticket for Daejeon that could be used through the Hana 1Q application. The unprecedented challenge with Hana Bank, the parent company in Daejeon, 온라인바카라 was literally a great success. 

Daejeon started selling ‘1Q Pass’ on the 11th. The reaction was explosive. It surpassed the total sales of last season within 30 minutes of opening the sale. In addition, the first 100 purchasers event to receive a limited edition muffler from Daejeon also ended in 2 minutes after the sale opened. Fans expressed their anticipation for the new season by posting a post confirming the purchase of ‘1Q Pass’ on the community. 

The reason for the explosive reaction of ‘1Q Pass’ seems to have been that the interest of fans and citizens soared as Daejeon succeeded in promotion to K-League 1, and the will of ‘intuition’ that naturally rose. In addition, the convenient purchase method through the application in line with the mobile era also drew a favorable response from fans. 

A Daejeon official expressed surprise at the fans’ response and said, “We will continue to hold various events such as a buyer’s lottery event until the season ticket sales deadline. We will also continue to use the ‘Hana One Q’ app to reduce the distance with fans.” The sales of ‘1Q Pass’ will end on the 10th of next month. 

Meanwhile, Daejeon is undergoing a major power reinforcement ahead of the first season of promotion. They strengthened their front line by recruiting Yoo Kang-hyeon and Thiago, who both scored the most goals (19 goals) in the K-League 2 last season. Joo Se-jong, who performed outstandingly on loan in the second half of last season, was fully recruited to add stability to the midfield, and Oh Jae-seok and Kim Hyun-woo joined the defense.

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