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PSG recruits Kane to capture Mbappe… Tottenham ‘accepted if given 144.8 billion won’

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is in an atmosphere to put all their effort into signing Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur) this summer. It is a plan to catch Kylian Mbappe, who is known to leave the team next summer along with strengthening the striker.

On the 20th (local time), the British ‘Express’ said, “Tottenham will demand 88 million pounds (about 144.8 billion won) for Kane’s transfer fee.” The transfer fee is lower than the originally known £100 million (approximately 164.5 billion won). Of course, this amount is standard. If there are many teams that want Kane, the transfer fee will rise from £ 88 million.

‘Express’ mentioned PSG and Manchester United as teams actively targeting Kane. In particular, PSG is active. PSG is planning to induce Kane to renew Mbafe’s contract.

Mbappe’s contract expires next summer. Real Madrid plans to offer a transfer when Mbappe becomes a free agent next summer. PSG is preparing to operate a squad centered on Mbappe. If Mbappe leaves, all PSG’s plans will go to waste. 온라인카지노

France’s ‘Le Parisien’ said, “Kane is a player who will win the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League championship trophy at PSG.” said

PSG made Kane their number one recruit. Since the funds are also abundant, it seems that Tottenham will proceed with negotiations to match the transfer fee they want.

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