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Seung-hwan Oh, ‘the oldest active pitcher’, entrusted Samsung with an annual salary blank… “The meaning of Baek Ui-jong for the rebound”

Oh Seung-hwan (41), the oldest active pitcher, entrusted the club with an annual salary contract for 2023.

On the 11th, the Samsung Lions said, 온라인카지노 “As the team’s oldest player, Oh Seung-hwan is responsible for the team’s performance that did not advance to the postseason in the 2022 season, and his intention to entrust his salary for 2023 with the meaning of a white coat of arms for the individual and team rebound this season. It was passed on to the club.”

Oh Seung-hwan recorded an average ERA of 3.32 with 31 saves and 2 holds in 57 games last year. He still showed a competitive appearance, ranking 4th in the league in saves, but suffered ups and downs in the middle of the season, giving up a finishing position for a while. Compared to the 2021 season, when he stepped on the oldest 40 save high with 44 saves and won the title of king of salvation, there were many eyes that he was aging.

Coupled with Oh Seung-hwan’s sluggish performance last year, Samsung also suffered ups and downs, recording 13 consecutive losses, the most in the club’s history. In the 2021 regular season, 1st place KT and Samsung, who ranked 2nd without a ride, fell to 7th place (66 wins, 76 losses, 2 draws, win rate 0.465) in one season, and experienced various bad news, such as the resignation of coach Heo Sam-young during the season. As a result, Oh Seung-hwan, the team’s most senior member, showed 온라인카지노 a sense of responsibility and made up his mind for the next season by giving the salary blank.

On the other hand, Seung-Hwan Oh plans to depart early for Okinawa, Japan, where the club’s spring camp will be held on the 10th, and conduct personal training to prepare for the season.

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