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‘Silence again’ Choi Ji-man, 1 hit in 19 at-bats… PIT hitting coach “No worries” Why?

Correspondent Lee Sang-hee] Choi Ji-man (32), who moved to Pittsburgh this season, is suffering from poor batting at the beginning of the season. However, he responded that neither he nor the team’s hitting coach were too concerned.

On the 10th (Korean time), in a home game against the Chicago White Sox held at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Choi Ji-man started as a first baseman, batting 5 times, and went silent with no hits and 1 strikeout in 3 at-bats. His last three consecutive games without a hit dropped his batting average for the season to 0.053 (1-for-19).

However, the party and the Pittsburgh coaching staff did not care much.

Andy Haynes (46), a Pittsburgh hitting coach who met with Star News ahead of the game, said, “Choi Ji-man is a veteran who survived fierce competition in the major leagues.” You don’t have to worry about work, and it will get better soon. It will definitely happen.”

Choi Ji-man, the party involved, had the same idea. In an interview with Star News, he analyzed, “For the first time since 2019, we played the opening game at an outdoor baseball field rather than a dome.

Choi Ji-man, who was traded from Milwaukee to Tampa Bay in the middle of the 2018 season, used the Dome, an indoor baseball stadium, as his home stadium until last year. Therefore, I am not used to playing in areas where the daytime temperature is as low as 10 degrees Celsius even in April, such as Pittsburgh.

Choi Ji-man’s inconsistent playing time is also cited as the cause of the sluggish performance. 토토사이트

The Pittsburgh Times, a local journalist in Pittsburgh, recently said, “Last winter, Pittsburgh strengthened their batting line by recruiting not only Choi Ji-man, but also veteran first baseman Carlos Santana (37) and outfielder Andrew McCutchen (37).” As the pain in his right elbow started, he spent more time playing as a designated hitter than in the outfield, and Choi Man-man is taking away his playing time. Therefore, it is an environment where he has no choice but to struggle at bat compared to players who play every day.” . In fact, Choi Ji-man got a chance to start in only 5 of the team’s 9 games this season.

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