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‘Sluggish’ Suwon FC, the key to resurrection is eventually ‘captain’ Bitgaram Yoon

Suwon FC’s early 2023 season flow is not good.

Suwon FC lost 1-2 in their home opener against Pohang Steelers on the 4th. Suwon FC, who drew 0-0 in the first round against Jeju, only gained one point in two games after the opening. It’s still early, but the color of suwon fc is not coming out at all. Suwon FC boasts the best attacking football in the league, but only scored 1 goal in 2 games. 13 shots and 3 effective shots are all at the bottom of the league. The expected score was only 1.79. 10th in the league Lars, who said he was desperate, still couldn’t escape from last season’s slump, and ‘Ace’ Lee Seung-woo is still not in his condition. To make matters worse, Lee Seung-woo was sent off for excessive shooting in the match against Pohang.

However, the defense that has been painstakingly over the winter is not good either. He used a three-back against Jeju and a four-back against Pohang, but his defensive organization was beyond expectations. He scored no goals against Jeju, but it seems more accurate to say that Jeju failed to score, rather than that he blocked well. Experienced defender Lee Jae-seong has joined, but Suwon FC’s defense is still weak. He continued to give up space behind him, and he couldn’t win any loose balls. There were too many opportunities given up by Suwon FC’s own mistakes.

A total impasse in which everyone in the offense and defense is shaken, and the player who will solve it is ‘Captain’ Bitgaram Yoon. Yoon Bit-garam is Suwon FC’s winning player this season. Suwon FC, which failed to fill the void left by Lee Young-jae, who joined the military last season, finally succeeded in embracing Yoon Bit-garam, who had been unsuccessfully trying to recruit for the past two years. He even gave away Lee Ki-hyeok, who had been raised with great care. Last year, Lee Seung-woo’s individual skills and the height of Ras-Kim were successful in maintaining his scoring power, but his performance itself was not satisfactory. Head coach Kim Do-gyun prefers the sophisticated and fast passing game shown by the triangle of Murillo-Lee Young-jae-Park Joo-ho two years ago. It’s downhill, but that’s why I brought Yun Bitgaram, who still boasts sharp passing skills.

Coach Kim’s intentions during the winter training seemed to match. Yun Bit-garam, who had a hard time in Jeju, worked with an ambitious attitude. 스포츠토토 A distinctive creative pass filled the lacking part of suwon fc. With and without Yun Bitgaram, the difference was large, showing a significant figure. Coach Kim even gave the captain’s armband and trusted Yoon Bit-garam.

However, when the lid is opened, it does not live up to expectations. There are no attack points, and there are only three key passes. The pass success rate is only 84%. When Yun Bit-garam died, Suwon FC’s offense and defense were not smooth. The attack is not solved because there is no supply of quality passes in front, and the time to defend is increasing as Yoon Bit-garam, who needs to protect and occupy the ball from the front, is sluggish. In the end, Suwon FC can find vitality again if Yun Bit-garam lives. Suwon FC hopes that the start will be the ‘Suwon Derby’ with Suwon Samsung this weekend.

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