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‘Snowhei!’ Ohtani and Angels appearing at the snow festival and the US media also pay attention

Shohei Otani, a baseball star representing major leagues as well as Japan, appeared at the Japan Snow Festival. Of course, in the form of snow statues, not actual players.

The 73rd Sapporo Snow Festival will be held from the 4th (Korean time) to the 11th. It is a festival where you can directly experience slides and curling along with large and small statues. Ohtani’s snow statue was produced here, and the photo was released.

‘’ introduced the festival on the official website on the 3rd and said, “Everyone will know about Shohei. 카지노 This time, I will introduce ‘Snowhei’.”

Ohtani’s team, the Los Angeles Angels, also said, “This statue will be displayed at the 73rd Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan. Snowhei Ohtani!”

This is not the first time Ohtani’s snow sculptures have been displayed. It was already produced in 2013, when Ohtani made his debut in Nippon Professional Baseball. It is said to have been very popular at the time.

‘’ said, “Of course, it is highly likely that this year will not be his last statue. However, this year it was produced as a batter Ohtani, but next time it might be a pitching motion.”

Meanwhile, Ohtani plans to play in a Japanese uniform in the upcoming World Baseball Classic (WBC). Japan was in Group B at the WBC, along with South Korea, Australia, the Czech Republic and China. On March 10th, the WBC Korea-Japan match will be held at the Tokyo Dome for the first time in 14 years.

Also, the 2023 season is a very important season for Ohtani. This is because he will become a free agent at the end of this season. As a result, trade rumors are already circulating, and opinions about his destination continue to circulate.

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