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‘SNS Gossip Controversy’ Kim Seo-hyun apologizes for tears “I will become a more mature person”

Hanwha Eagles rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyun (19), who caused controversy by posting an article criticizing the coach and fans on social media, shed tears and apologized to the players and fans.

According to the Hanwha team, Seohyun Kim returned to Hanwha Spring Camp training held at Belle Bang Park in Mesa, Arizona on the 11th (Korean time) and apologized to fans through reporters. He also went to the coaching staff and players to ask for forgiveness.

Kim Seo-hyun repeatedly apologized, saying, “There is no room for excuses for this incident. I am so sorry.”

Kim Seo-hyun, who joined Hanwha as the 1st overall pick, recently caused controversy by spreading to the Internet community for using profanity on her SNS account to speak badly of the coaching staff and fans.

The Hanwha team confirmed through its own investigation that Kim Seo-hyun wrote the post himself, and excluded him from group training for three days. It was also decided to impose fines in accordance with the bylaws.

Kim Seo-hyun, who returned to training that day, lowered her head, saying, “I didn’t accept it immaturely and was too stupid. Through SNS, I realized that I could hurt (someone) with immature words.”

“I heard a lot of good words from my seniors and coaches. 온라인카지노 While I was alone in training, I reflected more as I remembered those words. I felt that I had to be basic before being a baseball player. I will become a more mature person than I am now. I want to say sorry once again.”

Kim Seo-hyun, who said she reflected a lot, wrote phrases such as ‘Take care of people who help me’, ‘Let’s mature, let’s reflect’ and ‘There is no player greater than the team’ in her own handwriting.

Director Carlos Subero said, “Anyone can make mistakes in life, and they can make mistakes. You have to work hard on yourself so that you can grow into a better person, and you have to help those around you as well.”

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