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‘Soccer fashion pioneer’ Over the Pitch attracts 3.6 billion won investment from Cassina

Creative studio and fashion brand Over the Peach (CEO Choi Ho-geun) signed a 3.6 billion won investment contract with Cassina (CEO Lee Eun-hyuk), the No. 1 sneaker select shop in Korea.

On the 10th, Over the Peach officially announced that it would “sign a contract with Cassina to attract a 3.6 billion won investment.”

Over the Pitch is a creative studio and fashion brand founded in 2016 based on H9pitch Studio, a sports creative studio founded by CEO Ho-geun Choi in 2013. Based on soccer and fashion, a web magazine, editorial shop, and independent brand development as well as Nike, Adidas, Puma, PSG (Paris Saint-Gé Le Mans), Korea Football Association, K-League, Hyundai Motors, EA Sports, MCM, Budweiser, Cassina, etc. It has continued various collaborations with major brands and clubs at home and abroad.

Cascina is Korea’s leading street brand select shop. It all began in 1997 when CEO Lee, a former skateboarder, opened a select shop with the concept of street fashion in a small skate shop in Busan. Boasts 26 years of experience. Mainly Nike, Adidas. It sells sneakers and clothing from brands such as Converse, Vans, Puma, Huff, and New Balance. It gained popularity with various collaboration products with global brands. In particular, ‘Dunk Cassina’ in collaboration with Nike in 2020 and ‘Nike Air Max x Cassina Mandarin Duck’ in 2022 received great attention.

A total of two collaborations were carried out with Over the Pitch, including one on the theme of football culture in the 90s in 2021. Cassina started to enhance its corporate value by attracting Arc & Partners, a private equity fund management company, as an outside investor last year. Arc & Partners invested 40 billion won in Cassina last year and became the second largest shareholder.

The Over the Pitch investment will also be funded with funds raised from Arc & Partners. The fact that Over the Peach, which is based on sports, is receiving investment from Cassina, a symbol of Korean street fashion, is unique. In addition, the fact that Cascina is investing in Over the Peach for the first time also has great implications for the soccer world and fashion brands. This investment is interpreted as the result of Cassina observing the potential of Over the Pitch’s progress, including two collaborations with Over the Pitch.

Cassina said, “We will create greater synergy in both sports and fashion through Over the Peach’s creativity in marketing and content, as well as its activities as a fashion brand that crosses boundaries and fields.”

Over the Peach has been leading the market for the past 10 years, leaving a number of bold works that weave lifestyle and culture based on sports in the sports market. In particular, despite experiencing a major deterioration in business during the COVID-19 period, it overcame it, and rather succeeded in turning a profit beyond the J-curve in 2022, proving its potential. 스포츠토토

Choi Ho-geun, CEO of Over the Peach, said, “The growth of the Over the Peach brand has grown faster than the company’s infrastructure. We will resolve the regrets that occurred in this process through this investment attraction,” he said. “In the recent situation where there are many love calls not only in Korea but also abroad, we plan to strengthen the company’s overall capabilities by cooperating with Cassina, which has the industry’s best distribution network and experience. ”he said.

Over the Peach is also seeking business diversification through this investment contract with Cassina. It plans to actively enter the domestic and overseas markets through sports culture-related businesses such as soccer agent and management business, expansion of offline cultural spaces, and expansion of futsal field business.

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