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Sports Betting Championship System Review

The Sports Betting Champ System is a sports betting system developed by John Morrison, an Ivy League graduate from Cornell University with a PhD in statistics. On the sales page, there are tall claims that this system is. “Incomprehensible sports betting system,” and that he made over “$70,000 weekly in sports betting.” December 2009

When you scroll down the page You will be bombarded with photos of scribbled “testimonials”, scans of bet slips. and other claims that read so outrageous that they screamed “Fake!” There was even a photograph of Hillary Clinton in what appeared to be an attempt to legitimize the allegations. The law was passed at random political groups. Above is a link to a page with over 1,000 customer testimonials. Scan all the similar looking handwritten letters.

After reading everything on the sports betting system page. (Including all the testimonials) My initial reaction was to assume the system was a scam. So I went to Google hoping to find details that confirmed my suspicions. After a few hours of searching It soon became clear that most of the posts about the system were positive. However, I’m still not sure. Because it is well known how easy it is to modify images. The reason I suspect is:

* The claimed profits are unbelievably large.

* Easy to edit screenshots using image editor.

* Betting slip scans are grainy enough to hide any modifications.

* Customer testimonial scans have surprisingly similar handwriting.

I’m sure this is a very well compiled and complicated scam. The best imitators aim for their products to be judged with great attention to detail. but also to “Blur things around the edges” as well, so things don’t get blurry. Sharp to stand out After studying the picture It was evident that they were well forged or genuine. 슬롯사이트 I think the one time cost of a few hundred dollars is a small price to pay to determine once and for all if the Sports Betting Champ system is a scam.

It is now easy for me to take the claims on the Sports Betting Champ System website and compare them to my findings. But the simple truth is – the Sports Betting Champ System actually works. and can claim (But only if you follow the instructions and bet a lot.) I started with 10 dollar units and a few hundred dollar bankroll. I am happy to take this risk as I am a casual sports bettor. and overall I manage my bets well. (Though still losing an average of a few hundred bucks a month.)

After 2 months of betting Follow the instructions to the letter and bet on the NBA, MLB and NFL. In total, I placed 73 bets (every bet the Sports Betting Champ System makes over a 2-month period) and the record for those bets was 71-2. That’s right, only lost 2 bets in 2 months of betting! After the first few successes I can’t believe this system actually works! Needless to say, in those 2 months I turned my bankroll from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. and can increase my betting unit from $10 to $200

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