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SSG’s new symbol, distribution rival Lotte’s old uniform comes to mind

‘I think I saw this somewhere…’ SSG Landers showed off a new emblem on a new uniform for the new season.

From the opening of the 2022 regular season to winning the Korean Series, SSG, which ran first and won the combined championship, introduced a new uniform with the opening of the 2023 season.

SSG Landers’ 2023 season uniform was engraved with an emblem commemorating last year’s combined victory, and the ‘LANDERS’ wordmark in front of the uniform was added with a spacecraft design symbolizing SSG, further emphasizing the club’s identity.A new symbol representing Landers was also introduced on the players’ hats and helmets. The symbol that had the existing ‘L’ and ‘s’ together introduced a new symbol that combines the L-shaped spaceship symbolizing Landersfield in flight.

SSG also completely replaced Landersfield Ground for the new 2023 season.

For the first time since opening in 2002, the grass and soil have been completely replaced. In the meantime, Landersfield often had slippage due to aging grass and water pooling in rainy weather, which hindered the players’ play.

Older stadium facilities were also replaced or repaired. A new outfield fence was installed, and various repair works were completed to improve convenience, such as replacing the baseball field roof membrane, painting the underground parking lot, and improving the restrooms to improve the viewing environment for spectators.

SSG’s new emblem catches the eye, and the appearance of a spaceship flying in the English ‘L’ spelling of Landers Field is impressive. 안전놀이터

The combination of the L and the flying spacecraft reminds us of the composite symbol mark of Lotte (L) and Giants (G) used by the Lotte Giants in the 1990s.

In the KBO League, SSG and Lotte are competing as distribution rivals. However, it is ironic that because of Landers’ ‘L’ and Lotte’s ‘L’, the two teams’ symbol marks have something in common.

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