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‘Struggling to escape the lower ranks, a battle of pride between the mid-ranking teams’ The 5th round in earnest is coming!

The desperate struggle of the lower-ranking teams and the tight fight between the middle-ranking teams. The 5th round in earnest is coming.

▶Daegu Korea Gas Corporation vs. Suwon KT
February 4th (Sat) 4:00 PM @Daegu Gym / SPOTV, SPOTV ON -‘Challenge to

escape a losing streak’ Gas Corporation, the first button of the 5th round is important
-‘Loss-win-lose-win-lose’, ups and downs The ranking goes up only when you reduce -1/3
of the regular league remaining, which team will succeed in rebounding?

Gas Corporation, which is in extreme sluggishness, invites KT to its home. KOGAS, which lost to KT on the 31st (Tuesday) and is recording 4 consecutive losses, managed to win after 3 consecutive losses, but the atmosphere is again depressed. The most painful thing was that they lost the victory after a close game in all four matches. KOGAS, which lost to DB by 6 points, was unable to keep its lead in the subsequent match against SK and lost after a 3rd overtime match, and this situation was repeated in the match against KGC. In the game against KT, KOGAS bowed its head in a one-point match about a minute before the end, and faced a poor report card with 2 wins and 7 losses in the 4th round. The first step of the 5th round is expected to be very important for KOGAS to save the fire to advance to the playoffs in the round of 6.

In the middle of the 3rd round, KT jumped into a fight for the middle ranks, winning 6 consecutive wins through the number of wins in the middle of the 3rd round. However, the upward trend has not continued since then. In particular, in the last five games, they showed ups and downs in their performance, such as repeating ‘win-loss-win-loss’. KT, which is tied for 7th place with DB as of the 3rd (Friday), will need to develop a sense of consistency and stability in order to step on the spring basketball stage. 먹튀검증 It is a good thing that Jung Sung-woo is showing good condition after returning from injury.

Two-thirds of the league has already passed. Only two rounds remain for each team. KT is tied for 7th with a 0.5G car with KCC, which is 6th on the PO margin line, and KOGAS is in 9th, behind 3G. In a situation where KGC, LG, and Hyundai Mobis entered a stable zone, 4th place SK and 5th place Carrot also occupied an advantageous position for PO. The competition between KCC, DB, and KT continues, but it is too early to predict as each team has 17 or 18 games left. It means that it is too early for the upper-middle-ranking teams to feel relieved and for the lower-ranking teams to give up. Let’s see which team will prepare a foothold for a reversal through this head-to-head match.

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