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The exciting Lotte fandom is invincible… A sports car called Lotte, run without worrying about gas prices

Lotte played KIA at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 3rd. It is normal for Sajik, the home stadium, to be empty at that time. But this day was different. There were about 1,500 fans at Sajik Stadium. It was a cheering match through a large electronic display board.

There were no players on the pitch. Auxiliary facilities were also operated differently than usual. Literally, 1,500 fans came to Sajik Stadium to watch baseball. It was also a weekday. A baseball official said, “It is possible because I resigned from Lotte. That, too, is possible with Lotte when the grades are good,” he asserted.

Busan’s fandom is sexually sensitive. When the grades are good, it boils. It is hot enough to compare with the fandom of any other club in the world. Every player in the first team entry is treated like a superstar. There are so many people who recognize me that even going outside is a burdensome joke among the players.

On the contrary, when the grades are not good, it cools down. Lotte fans and clubs do not dare to deny this kind of fandom tendency. So Lotte is afraid of fans. This is because it has been clearly confirmed in the past years that what is scarier than criticism is indifference.

For the past three years, after the appointment of Seong Min-gyu as general manager, the Lotte fandom did not watch the players until the end. The pattern of disappearing from the top rankings after hearing the stigma of ‘Bomde’ followed by raising expectations. Fans just turned away from this club. The shame was on the fans. But this year the atmosphere is different. Busan’s fandom is boiling again. It is a golden opportunity for the club.

First of all, I had a good offseason. After spending three years of hard work and changing the team constitution little by little, I thought it was time to run. In the free agent (FA) market, he recruited three free agents (Yoo Kang-nam, Noh Jin-hyuk, and Han Hyun-hee) and spent a lot of money. Now, it has transformed into a team that has the justification to aim for the top 5 or higher. This was backed up by early season results. It also won 9 consecutive wins in 15 years, and as of the 4th, it is in second place, half a game behind the leading SSG. Fans are realizing that Lotte has become stronger in many ways.

As the winning streak continues, the stadium is overflowing with fans. On April 30th, 22,990 seats were fully occupied at the Sajik Kiwoom Exhibition. Although the home average crowd is somewhat behind, there is also an evaluation that the away fan mobilization is by far the best. Lotte manager Larry Sutton expressed, “I shuddered when I saw the full crowd.” And I expected that the special support of these fans would be a good energy for the players.

Coach Sutton said, “Probably, many people say, ‘It’s great, the heat is excellent’ when it comes to Lotte fans, but as a player, it’s not easy to say how hot the heat is unless you’ve experienced it in the dugout.” Received from fans. When we say F1 cars, we get a lot of fuel from the fans.” 먹튀검증

The Samsung and Children’s Day series are also expected to be successful. If there is no rain at the time of booking, the crowd on the 5th is guaranteed to be full. A Lotte official explained that the possibility of selling out on the 6th is quite high, and if the 7th is also good, it may be sold out again.

If the performance is steady, the prevailing prospect is that in May, when the days are good, the box office will be able to accelerate. Whether home or away, by the way, this is of great help to the entire KBO League game. Lotte just needs to be good at baseball. If so, the most excited fans in the world are always ready to pay for the gas to put in a sports car called Lotte.

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