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“The mentality is so good”… 8-year contract partner recognized, 3-year starting shortstop jump

“Unlike a young player, he has a good mentality.”

Although he is now in his third year, he has to play the role of a commander in charge of a team’s infield. NC Dinos Kim Joo-won (21) is now ready to leap forward like his role model, Francisco Lindor (New York Mets).

Kim Joo-won is a talent that NC can show off. Kim Joo-won, who was nominated as the 6th overall pick in the 2nd 1st round of the 2021 rookie draft, debuted from his rookie season and was given a chance. When the main fielding team was destroyed due to a scandal for violating quarantine rules, his debut in the first team was accelerated. However, it was a unique opportunity to test Kim Joo-won’s talent. In 69 games in 2021, he posted a batting average of 2.4 1 Lee (40 hits in 166 at-bats), 5 home runs, 16 RBIs, and an OPS of .702. On defense, he switched between second base and shortstop, committing 12 errors, but considering it was his surprise debut, he should be expected.

He welcomed 2022 with his big dreams, but he only played his first game in mid-May as his chest and ankle injuries came one after another. However, since then, he has been steadily participating in games, posting a batting average of 2.23 (61 hits in 273 bats), 10 home runs, 47 RBIs, and 10 stolen bases in 96 games, leaving an OPS of .719. As the season progressed, he gained the trust of manager Kang In-kwon and was selected as the starting shortstop. He’s been given more chances than he did in 2021, but his errors are down to 11, leaving room for improvement on defense as well.

NC sent free agent Noh Jin-hyuk, who was a founding member of the offseason. He signed a 4-year, 5 billion won contract with Lotte and transferred. Because there was a clear substitute and promising player named Kim Joo-won, NC was not very active in capturing Noh Jin-hyuk. In addition, with the recruitment of free agent catcher Park Se-hyeok, infielder Park Jun-young left as a compensation player. It was the departure of a promising player, but also because of Kim Joo-won’s existence, Park Joon-young, who had rejected numerous trade requests, and Noh Jin-hyuk’s vacancy on the list of protected players, Kim Joo-won must now be reborn as a sure start shortstop. 

Park Min-woo, who signed a free agency contract for up to 8 years (5+3 years) and 14 billion won this winter, has been responsible for the second base position since the foundation of NC and is a player who will continue to take responsibility. He went through numerous Keystone combination partners such as Son Si-heon and Noh Jin-hyuk. 메이저놀이터 Now, I am in a position where I have to lead the juniors instead of following the seniors. Park Min-woo, who has become a senior, is proud of Kim Joo-won’s growth.

Park Min-woo, who praised Kim Joo-won, who will become a full-time partner from this season, said, “I think he has definitely adapted to some extent while playing for the past two years. He must have established how to enter the season,” he said. “Unlike a young player, he has a good mentality. He does not waver even with small mistakes and plays his game steadily. He is unwavering,” he praised.

He continued, “When I was young, I made mistakes and was shaken and chased, but I didn’t see that part. Because he has a good mentality, I think there may be a good flow from defense to hitting,” he said with strength.

The role model of Kim Joo-won, who is virtually the only switch hitter in the current KBO league, has always been Lindor. He is one of the best offensive and defensive shortstops in the major leagues. 

His position as a switch hitter, and his slim physique, but his power to hit, all resemble Lindor. Kim Joo-won’s first full-fledged step towards ‘Korea’s Lindor’ begins now.

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