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To the changing world of football… Director Klinsman “The important thing is mental and communication”

“The important thing is mental, communication between many people, and collaboration.”

The Korea Football Association (KFA) held the 2023 KFA Leaders Conference at the Goyang International Youth Culture Center on the 15th.

Michael Muller, chairman of the Power Enhancement Committee, explained the results of the activities of the KFA Technical Study Group (TSG) observed in the 2022 Qatar World Cup games. Comparing the situation in which goals were scored compared to the 2018 Russian tournament, he said, “The most striking part is the fact that goals from set pieces decreased significantly in the Qatar tournament (41 goals out of 172 goals, 24%) (169 goals in the Russian tournament). 72 goals out of 42%)” and added, “It is important to train in the penalty box while emphasizing the scoring of an organized attack (Offence. Organized Play ‘n’ Structure).” In particular, statistics showed that the fewer the number of ball touches in the box, the higher the probability of scoring a goal.

Morocco, who reached the semifinals for the first time in Africa, and Argentina, who won the championship, were selected as two impressive teams in Qatar. Müller said: “Morocco excelled in all areas, including mentality, teamwork, defensive organization, attacking transition and individual skills. He showed strength in strong back pressure and down defense. I call this CAA (Compact All Always).” Regarding Argentine, “The team came together well around Messi. It is a team that showed mentality, individuality, and diversity evenly. If Morocco played a game focused on defense, Argentina showed every aspect of the game (organized attack, defensive transition, offensive transition, organized defense). The coach took a different basic formation every game,” he explained.

At the same time, he mentioned ‘personality’, ‘dynamics’, ‘volatility’, ‘teamwork’, and ‘mental strength’ that encompasses everything as five important points to succeed in the mission of the Football Association.

After Chairman Müller announced the TSG results, coach Jürgen Klinsmann took over the microphone. When asked about the direction Korea should take in the changing world of soccer, he emphasized ‘mental’ and ‘collaboration’. He said, “The most important thing is communication between many people. 로켓 토토 We need a specific perspective to communicate with the K-League coaches as well as the association. In addition, Son Heung-min went to Tottenham, Kim Min-jae went to Napoli, Lee Kang-in went to Mallorca, etc. It is the coach’s role to help the players wherever they are. It is important not only to be well prepared psychologically, but also to understand the goals and motivate the players.”

The conference was attended by around 200 national coaches, including men’s and women’s national team coaches Jürgen Klinsmann and Colin Bell, U23 national team coach Hwang Seon-hong, K-League coaches, P-level class students, and domestic leaders.

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