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Tuchel, who wants to be a Real Madrid manager, is learning Spanish

Director Thomas Tuchel is learning Spanish.

It’s a name from Germany. His playing career wasn’t particularly outstanding, but he won many trophies as a manager. He started with Augsburg Youth, where he had been, and went through Mainz to Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Chelsea.

He is a director with a very experimental personality. Unlike a manager who sticks to his philosophy and adapts his players to his tactics, Tuchel is known for his fluid tactical changes. He has an excellent ability to identify the strengths of the players in his squad, and he is good at formulating tactics to maximize synergy by combining them. He is characterized by his pursuit of aggressive football, and he often utilizes the progressiveness of side resources and build-up using short passes. Based on this, when he took charge of Chelsea, he achieved remarkable achievements such as lifting the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) trophy.

But he also had a problem. It was that he often clashed with players and board members. During Dortmund, he did not maintain a good relationship with Marco Reus and Mats Hummels, and during PSG, he did not have a good relationship with the general manager. It was the same at Chelsea. New owner Todd Boelli sought cooperation with Tuchel, but he was not cooperative. In the end, the two, unable to bridge the gap, had no choice but to break up.

After leaving Chelsea, Tuchel is still unemployed. He, of course, is still trying to find a new job.

There are clubs that are interested in him. That’s Tottenham Hotspur. Last season, he showed good form under manager Antonio Conte, but this season is different. Tottenham were criticized for dropping out of all cup competitions, and coach Conte was at the center of it. Multiple local media predicted that his relationship with Tottenham would end at the end of this season, and Conte was also skeptical about his future. Possible change of director. 원벳원 토토 Various media predicted that Tottenham would use Tuchel as Conte’s successor.

Tottenham is not the only club linked to Tuchel. There is also Real Madrid. Spanish media such as ‘Madrid Universal’ reported that Real’s leadership was disappointed with coach Carlo Ancelotti and was considering the possibility of sacking him at the end of this season. As a result, Tuchel is being mentioned as the successor to Ancelotti.

Tuhel did not give a clear stance. However, he appears to be attracted to the real managerial job. According to Gary Jacob, who works for The Times, it has been revealed that Tuchel is learning Spanish in order to aim for Real Madrid manager.

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