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‘We will play football’ Coach Bell, ahead of WC “We will stick to our own DNA”

Head coach Colin Bell expressed his determination ahead of the upcoming Women’s World Cup.

Coach Colin Bell attended the 2023 New Year press conference at 2:00 pm on the 26th at the multipurpose conference room on the 2nd floor of the Korea Football Association Soccer Hall in Sinmun-ro, Seoul.

2023 is a very important year for the women’s national soccer team. This is because the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand will be held from July 20th.

The women’s national team reached the final stage at the 2022 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Women’s Asian Cup held in April last year and qualified for the 2023 FIFA Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup. In the finals, they were tied in Group H with Colombia (July 25), Morocco (July 30) and Germany (August 3).

Coach Bell, who attended the New Year’s press conference for the World Cup year, said, “First of all, my first goal is to win the first game against Colombia. After that, I will prepare for each game. It’s a realistic answer. That’s why we will think of ways to bring victory to Colombia,” he said, emphasizing the importance of the first game.

“Our goal at the World Cup is to go as high as possible. If we stick to the play we want to play, we have a good squad that can win against any team. I’m sure I’ll show you,” he added.

Belho has already started analyzing the opponent. “In modern football, information gathering is easy,” said Bell. “We plan to collect separately through local acquaintances. Players in the German national team are also included, including players who have personally coached in the past.”

There is no easy opponent among the opponents to face in the World Cup. Coach Bell has already figured out the personality and characteristics of the three teams. He said, “All three teams are highly motivated and organized teams. They have distinct personalities. Cultural characteristics are also reflected in each national team. Colombia is an original team. Morocco plays technical football. Germany is a team that is physically complete. It is,” he warned. 먹튀검증

Even so, we were determined to play our own soccer. Coach Bell said, “We have to stick to our own DNA. I think we have to build a fast, active and flexible team. We have to make sure our opponents can’t easily predict our play, and we want to make it a difficult game.” .

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