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‘What kind of lightning’ Barça cuts player salaries for Messi

All other players cut wages because of Messi?

Local reports have emerged that FC Barcelona may cut the salaries of the entire team in order to bring in ‘soccer emperor’ Lionel Messi.

Messi was a player who listed Barcelona. But in the summer of 2021 he had to go through a traumatic breakup. Messi, who signed a two-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), ends this summer. And the news about his future continues every day.

A promising scenario is to return to Barcelona, ​​​​the home of his parents, and advance to Saudi Arabia and the United States. PSG want Messi, but want a pay cut.

Messi is weighing in on leaving PSG in the summer. Barcelona are also in contact with Messi’s camp over a return.

The problem is that Barcelona is also not comfortable in terms of finances. Barcelona have been warned by Primera Liga that they will not be able to sign any players this summer unless they can settle their debts.

Local media ‘Rerevo’ reported that Barcelona would have to reduce the wages of the remaining players in addition to selling existing players to bring Messi.

The media reported that Barcelona must reduce their annual salary expenses to 180 million euros, and that negotiations are already underway over collective wage cuts. Players who will become free agents next summer, such as Ousmane Dembele and Marcos Alonso, will also be asked to accept salary cuts in the final year of their contracts. 안전놀이터

Barcelona will have to fight money to get Messi. Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal is said to be making a shocking offer of 400 million euros a year to Messi. This gives him a chance to overtake Cristiano Ronaldo and become the world’s highest-paid man. But Messi wants to stay in Europe and she still wants to play in the Champions League.

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