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“Who is this guy?”, “I’m going to show my face” Syme Stiller’s ‘desperation’ in his first start in his hometown

“Who is he?”.

Lotte Giants transfer Shim Jae-min (28) made his dream start 10 years after joining the organization. On March 13, he started in Gwangju against the KIA Tigers and pitched through the fifth inning with just three hits, two walks and one strikeout, leading the Giants to a 3-1 rainout victory. It was his first start since joining the organization in 2014.

He was not intimidated by a KIA lineup that has been hitting in the triple digits lately. In the bottom of the first inning, Lee Woo-sung singled and stole second base on an error by the third baseman, but he remained calm and did not allow a run to score. The only run he allowed was a single to Lee in the bottom of the fifth inning with the score 3-0.

He neutralized the bats of the cleanup trio of Na Sung-beom and Choi Hyung-woo, KIA’s strongest duo with an OPS of 1.000, while Kim Sun-bin, the No. 5 man, gave up just one hit. His curveball (19 pitches), which topped out at 143 km/h, stole the show. His changeup (21 pitches) was sharp, and he only threw five sliders.

He was born in Busan. He took Gaehwa Jung-Gae Sung High School. He was a promising ace in the future. He wore a Lotte uniform and wanted to throw when he heard the Busan Seagulls chanting, but the upstart KT gave him a special designation. At KT, he was active as a bullpen pitcher. I had dreams of starting, but I had to fold.

Starting was an old dream. I was the main bullpen pitcher from 2015 until I finished my military service. When he returned, he was more of a reliever than a starter. He struggled mightily in April and was sent down to the second team. Suddenly, in May, he returned home in a trade for infielder Lee Ho-yeon.

Lotte needed a left-handed bullpen arm, so they brought in Shim, but not right away. He had to get his feet wet in the second team. He was transferred to KT, where he flawlessly replaced Lee Ho-yeon and garnered media attention. 메이저사이트 On June 22, he was promoted to the first team and served as a bullpen pitcher. He pitched up to three innings and showed stability with a two-run ERA, expanding his position.

“When I was in the second team after the trade, I saw a lot of Ho Yeon-i’s plays and articles. Honestly, there was a lot of impatience. I felt that I had to go up quickly and show something, so I trained a lot in the second team, mainly running and weight training. I did a lot of weight management,” he said.

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