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“Who the hell are you?”… Asking the world’s Mourinho for a ‘tongsongmyeong’, who the hell is he?

A person who provoked AS Roma coach José Mourinho, the world’s fearless emperor of vitriol, appeared and attracted attention.

On the 20th, AS Roma and Lazio played the 27th round of Italian Serie A at Olimpico Stadium, the home stadium of Lazio. Serie A’s Roma rivalry. The match between the two teams was fierce, and Matia Zakani’s first goal gave Lazio a 1-0 victory.

Like a rival match, the off-site war was also hot. According to Italy’s ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’, the incident took place in front of the AS Roma locker room after the match. 카지노

As Lazio’s Alessio Romagnoli celebrated his victory in front of the AS Roma locker room, AS Roma’s Gianluca Mancini reacted with excitement. The two players collided violently.

At this time, Lazio President Claudio Lotito stepped forward. President Lotito intervened between the two excited players. The person who appeared at that time was manager Mourinho. Mourinho is currently facing an expulsion. He was not allowed to sit on the bench, but he got permission that day and was allowed into the locker room.

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