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Yeom Ki-hoon “The last wish is to win the championship and achieve 80-80”

Most fans will think of Yeom Ki-hoon (40, Suwon Samsung) when they hear the ‘left foot’ that represents the K-League. Yeom Ki-hoon is the best left-footed kicker in Korea. records prove it. He is tied with Eninho for the most free kicks in the K-League history (17).

Yeom Ki-hoon, who was originally a right-footed man, suffered a serious injury when his right toenail got caught in the wheel of his bicycle when he was young. Although there were no problems with his daily life, he needed to develop feel in his left foot in order to continue his career as a footballer. The answer to turning the awkwardness of using his short hair into familiarity was ‘effort’.

Yeom Ki-hoon recalled that time in his recent interview with this magazine and said, “From the beginning, he was not left-footed, so he thought a lot about surviving on one foot. His individual workouts continued for about 300 days a year. He naturally kicked his left foot while practicing basic skills all the time,” he said. “I practiced free kicks with my left foot the most. He set up 20 balls and practiced free kicks and shooting.”

Effort did not betray him. Yeom Ki-hoon, who played in 442 K-League games, scored 77 goals and 110 assists. During his 18-year professional career, he built a brilliant career, including the best 11 in the K League 1 midfielder division 3 times (2011 15 17) and the king of assists 2 times (2015 16). This is the background of being selected as the best midfielder in the history of 40 years, overtaking the frontlines that are said to be mine.

Yeom Ki-hoon and Dejan (Kitche SC) are the only active players selected in the Best 11 for the 40th anniversary of the launch of professional football. Yeom Ki-hoon said, “(When I heard the news of the selection), I was surprised and said, ‘Why me?’ It is more meaningful and honorable than any award because I was selected with great seniors. He thought he had worked hard for 18 years. I want to praise myself,” he said.

Yeom Ki-hoon, who made his professional debut at Jeonbuk Hyundai, opened a golden age after moving to Suwon in 2010 through Ulsan Hyundai. He recorded double-digit assists in six seasons. He has established himself as a representative ‘game changer’ of the K-League, such as outstanding pressure on the ball and smooth ball distribution. His main weapon is a high-precision kick, and he has also earned nicknames such as ‘Left-footed Ruler’ and ‘Left-footed Wizard’.

Yeom Ki-hoon, who picked 2015 as his “heyday,” said, “I worked hard at the time, so I received an offer from the Middle East. At that time, a cross went to our team, and the pass also went to our team (no matter what). 스포츠토토 I’m not sure of my memory, but there were 32 to 33 attack points in all competitions,” he recalled. Yeom Ki-hun left a dazzling trace of 8 goals and 17 assists in 35 games in the 2015 season league alone. That year, the king of help was also his.

Keeping his position at the top for a long time is also the reason Yeom Ki-hun is highly evaluated. Yeom Ki-hoon, who started his professional life at the age of 22, has become a savage. He pointed out that being faithful to the basics was the secret to a long run. Yeom Ki-hoon said, “I always tried to keep the basics such as exercise and daily life. He always tried to lead by example and tried to do his best on the playground.”

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