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“You won the Naples championship” Klinsman video letter.. Kim Min-jae, “The one who gives energy”

Head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who leads the Korean national soccer team, left a message of thanks through a video letter to Kim Min-jae (27), the main player in his team’s victory at Napoli.

On the 12th, Kim Min-jae thanked coach Klinsman through the second episode of ‘Inside National Team Cam’ on the Korea Football Association’s official YouTube channel ‘KFATV’. In Part 1, Kim Min-jae shared his impressions of winning Serie A and a story related to the number ‘3’.

Kim Min-jae received a video letter from director Klinsman. Manager Klinsman smiled broadly through the Korea Football Association video, saying, “Min-jae, congratulations on your victory. Napoli’s third championship in history is yours. I sincerely congratulate you on winning.”

In response, Kim Min-jae said, “Thank you. Please leave a congratulatory video letter like this. I am grateful.” It seems to give me good energy, and it’s the same in terms of life.”

Kim Min-jae met with head coach Klinsman and national team coach Paolo Stringara, who visited Naples, Italy on the 19th of last month. Kim Min-jae smiled with his shoulders back to coach Klinsman and coach Stringara. 먹튀검증

Kim Min-jae recalled that time and explained, “When the coach came to Naples and talked, he said, ‘Min-jae, you are writing history and winning the title in Naples in 33 years.’ He also said, ‘You are doing well and I am proud of you.’” .

Then, when asked what he talked about with manager Klinsman, he said, “I talked a lot about football with the manager. How is it doing here? What is difficult and what is a good experience? He said a lot. He gave me a lot of good things. He also told me how to take care of my body.”

Kim Min-jae laughed, saying, “Usually, when people who play soccer meet, they only talk about soccer. Now that I’m the national team coach and player, I have no choice but to talk about soccer more.”

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